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Microsoft Azure Cloud for Enterprise Application Security

posted May 30, 2016, 5:55 PM by Julian Zhu   [ updated Jul 23, 2016, 5:43 AM ]


A large enterprise needs to consider how to solve user identity management and application security access control problems while moving to the cloud. Microsoft Azure offers more than Cloud infrastructure. Comparing with other cloud platform providers, Microsoft Azure is very unique in the way how Microsoft extends its enterprise Activity Directory services to the cloud: 

  • Active Directory on the Cloud (Azure AD)
  • B2C Directory Service
  • Access Control Services or Access Management (IAM)
  • Identity Management (IDM)
  • APIs
  • Office 365 Integration

OSC and Microsoft Joint Webinar on "Microsoft Azure and Application Security Integration"

To What the Full Video for the Webinar our team presented on 06/02/2016: 


Microsoft Azure AD and Access Control Services Connect Right User to the Right Data with Right Access Control

Microsoft Azure Suports OAuth Architecture

Here is a typical oAuth architecture

Microsoft Azure Supports SAML Architecture

Here is a typical SAML architecture

Microsoft Azure AD for B2B/B2C Application Authentication

Here is a high level sequence diagram illustrating architecture.

Demo Application

Our demo app demonstrates the easy application integration with Microsoft Azure for: 
  • Manage Azure Active Directory
  • B2C Application User Enrollment (Sign up) & Login (Authentication) using Azure Acitive Directory
  • Corporate & B2B Application Authentication using Azure Active Directory
  • Enable SSO to Third Party applications (by configuration not by coding) on Azure cloud
  • Enable social identity for authentication (by configuration not by coding) on Azure cloud
Please refer to the webinar video above to see the demo. Or you can always reach out to us request a live demo and/or discussion. 

More Considerations

  • Enterprise Strategy and Road map: Identity Management, Authentication, and SSO
  • AD Synchronization and Migration: Keep AD sync'ed for a hybrid architecture
  • IoT: Support IoT in your enterprise security landscape
  • Other SP and IDP
  • Other Cloud

About The Author

Julian Zhu is the managing partner & principal consultant at OSC Technologies ( leading technology innovation and consulting. Previously he was Sr. Manager of Enterprise Architecture Team and Enterprise Digital Solution Architect at CVS Health.

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