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Hybrid Cloud - AWS makes it easy

posted Mar 29, 2015, 5:45 PM by Julian Zhu   [ updated May 9, 2016, 5:06 PM by Julian Zhu ]

A few reasons why we should consider AWS, or at a larger scale, hybrid cloud. 

From CIO perspective: 
  • Lower cost for data center operation
  • "pay for what you can eat" model makes cost under control as business grows
  • Hybrid model increase agility for responding business demand
From CEO perspective: 
  • hmm, my CIO is doing a good job to keep up with the pace of business growth
  • saving from IT operation makes more investment to core business IT innovation possible
  • Do I really care to use AWS or not? No. But I do care the business outcome.,

AWS provides more than a data center capability, it provides more and more business oriented capabilities covering middleware, mobile computing and digital areas, which will make it more and more capable in the years to come. 

How is AWS different from Google at the strategic level? 

Google’s strategy is focused on the popularity and control. It attracts individual users from all possible channels, then small business. Google may believe if I control every single individual, I could dominate the market. At least this is what I see where Google is going. 
Google now is moving to get more small business to use its cloud services. It is hard to distinguish services provided for individual or small business, especially because they are free. However, we see the move of Google starting targeting services tailored for small business. Google may think it is just a matter of time.,

More to come ....

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